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We have been Tutoring since 1987. Some Tutors also Check Answers in the Back of Text Books Before Publishing.

  • University of Toronto Pharmacy
  • McMaster University
    Bachelors of Science - Health and Radiation Physics
  • St. Andrews College
  • Student of Bertram Brockhouse , co-winner of the Noble Prize in Physics 1992
  • Check Answers in the Back of Text Books BEFORE Publishing

    What We Do
    The purpose of a Tutor is to Teach the Student the Material. A Tutor should also Teach the Student How to Get high Marks. At the End of the Day The Course Marks are The ONLY Evidence of Any Knowledge.
    Nowhere is there a place on any application for you to state how smart you are. Applications only ask for a Transcript and/or for Marks.

    Get a Female Math Tutor and Get High Marks!

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